Please remember 1point is not a crisis service if you require up-to-date information, assistance or support we recommend that you contact the following sources:

You may also want to look at our URGENT HELP page for more suggestions*

The 1point network and Silverwellbeing counselling and psychotherapy services are concerned about the physical and mental health impact caused by the increasing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in our community. 

In line with our partners in the NHS and Bolton's Third Sector agencies (voluntary organisations), we are putting in place a range of measures to ensure that we can provide as much support as possible to our staff, volunteers and clients during this period of uncertainty. 

What we are able to do will be guided by local and national government/health services, and is liable to change. So please check on this site and our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked-in accounts for the latest information regarding our service delivery.

As of Tuesday 17th March 2020 we have introduced the following measures:

  • If you are currently receiving counselling, psychotherapy or groupwork support at Silverwell House in Bolton, you will be contacted by your therapist or a 1point staff member to discuss your ongoing treatment.
  • If you are currently in treatment with a 1point partner (GMMH, Beacon Bolton Counselling, Simeon Centre, MhIST, Fortalice or St George's Centre), you will be contacted directly by them regarding future appointments.
  • If you are waiting for or have recently had an initial assessment/triage appointment with 1point/Silverwellbeing, you will be contacted by a 1point member of staff.  This contact may be by telephone, text or letter.

Please be patient with us because we have a large number of people to talk to, but if you have not heard from us by 31 March 2020 please call 1point on 01204 917744 or send us an email.

* please note 1point is not responsible for the information provided by agencies appearing on this page.