1point in association with Bolton University are delighted to co-host a new workshop presented by internationally renowned therapist, trainer and academic - Professor Windy Dryden.  The workshop will provide an overview of Single Session Therapy (SST) and consider one-at-a-time therapeutic interventions to show how they can be used to help meet client need where the demand for services outstrips supply.

Windy will consider the features and benefits of therapeutic help provided at the point of need against the features of the more commonly experienced help provided at the point of availability.  The audience will get the chance to discuss whether SST is a mindset, mode of services delivery or a discrete therapeutic approach and to get the opportunity to see Windy applying the model with two volunteer clients.

Free Windy Dryden Single Session Therapy booklet for 1point network attendees, available at the event

More about our presenter:  Windy Dryden is one of the leading practitioners and trainers in the UK in the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) tradition of psychotherapy.  He is best known for his work in Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (RECBT), a lading CBT approach.  He has been working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy since 1975 and was one of the first people in Britain to be trained in CBT.

Windy has published over 200 books and has trained therapists all over the world, in as diverse places as the UK, the USA, South Africa, Turkey and Israel.

Tickets are available via the Eventbrite. Press the 'book' button to take you to the site.