1point's vision is to create positive partnerships which will increase the emotional wellbeing of all people in our diverse communities.  To achieve this our practice is underpinned by four key values to ensure what we do makes a positive and lasting impact to the lives of our clients, colleagues and communities - both now and in the future.

VALUE 1: Put people first

  • In 2016-17 1point worked with over 2,700 clients. Sixty per cent were offered a first appointment within 28 days.
    “I can't thank DP enough for listening to me, when it felt no-one else understood. I'm more positive about life in general and not constantly upset about my relationship breakdown.  I would happily recommend counselling to anyone who felt as hopeless as me six months ago.
    Client final evaluation feedback form/ November 2016

  • We have on average 160 active therapists across our membership.  Fifty three per cent are qualified practitioners many who choose to offer their time freely, in return for access to professional support and development.  The remaining therapists are in the final stages of professional training programmes. Fifty per cent of the 1point network live in Bolton and a further 40% live within Greater Manchester.
    “Five years ago I went to 1point because I couldn't seem to move on after my Dad died.  It really helped me and because I'm a nurse I knew there are many people who'd benefit from having someone to talk to when feeling low. So I decided to go to a counselling studies evening class to learn a bit more, got hooked and now I'm completing my professional diploma and working with three clients a week.
    Trainee practitioner, 2017

  • We started with two part-time administrators in 2012 to 14 staff working directly for 1point today.  Our five partners have also invested in increased staffing and volunteerism.

VALUE 2: Inclusion, not exclusion

  • By creating closer links between professionals, clients and providers 1point has developed projects that have become sustained commissionable services.
  • Through joint work we are identifying gaps and areas of unmet need, thus helping us collect and map meaningful data about vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups.
    “[1point] has a track record of collecting data that has proved successful in demonstrating the value of this service to commissioners.
    Social Investment Business Advisor Report, 2016

  • 1point has pro-actively developed relationships with specialist partner agencies to promote services to their clients such as substance mis-users, victims of crime, asylum seekers etc.

VALUE 3: Investing in and promoting positive collaborations

  • 1point came into being through collective action from local organisations wishing to continue, develop and improve mental wellbeing in Bolton.
    “[Bolton] CCG is committed to work with GMMH Foundation Trust and local providers 1point to design and deliver an improved effective IAPT model in addition to wider psychological well-being services
    Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group Report, 2014

  • Our legal form as a Community Benefit Society means that 1point is owned and governed by its founding members, who in turn are independent charities and social enterprises. 
  • We have opened our doors to established and emerging groups and individual practitioners to work alongside us in providing complementary services to our clientele.

VALUE 4: Never stop learning

  • We recognise the importance reflecting, reviewing and the evaluation of all our activities to learn and improve our range of services.  This is done by monitoring processes that meet commissioning requirements and the inclusion of quality assurance systems to 'track' output and impact.
  • 1point has invested in corporate memberships of appropriate professional bodies to keep up to date with current practice and legislation, such as the Psychological Professionals Network, National Council for Voluntary Organisations etc.
  • We have developed an in-service training function for members and their practitioners to disseminate learning and good practice across the 1point network.
    “Continuing professional practice is essential and necessary to my practice as a counsellor, but it can be expensive, delivered at times when I'm working and typically a good drive away!  Through the 1point network local therapists now get the opportunity to learn locally and meet other colleagues and professionals. 
    Participant feedback from a 1point Professional Network meeting, 2015

Thanks to local photographer Nigel Newton for allowing us to use his vision of Bolton as our vision too!