“Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put all together that overwhelm the world.

Desmond Tutu

Our Silverwellbeing Helpdesk is a volunteer led project helping our clients, their families, friends, neighbours and colleagues who may also be facing practical problems which make it difficult for them to work with their therapists to create positive psychological change.  Take a look at our Helpdesk page to find out more about this pioneering new project.

We help between 35 and 45 people per month at the Helpdesk.  Their requests for practical help are are many and varied. Below are some of the ways we share information, advice and guidance about local events, projects or agencies to have a positive and complementary influence on our clients mental and physical wellbellbeing.

Your donation can help us provide a 'little bit of good' to more people.

Many of our clients who are accessing counselling often feel lonely and isolated.  Therapy helps them to think about themselves and their situations differently, but taking that first practical step towards making new contacts and facing new experiences can be difficult.  Helpdesk members regularly research and get information about local events and are able to point people to a whole host of projects based on their preferences and interests.  This can range from coffee mornings, community courses, sports meetings, volunteering opportunities and knitter natter groups!

We never forget that it takes courage to go for a psychological therapy and that it can help to bring a friend or family member with you.  Whilst clients are in the therapy room our Helpdesk team make sure that our visitors are comfortable in the waiting room and have a chance to read a magazine or book from our small library, get a drink and if they feel like it talk to one of us.  We do appreciate that many of our visitors are taking care of others and may benefit from getting some practical information about how they can link to support for themselves to help those they care for.

It saddens us to see how many people who access our services are caught in a poverty trap and we're not surprised that they feeling emotionally low and depressed.  It can be difficult to consider your mental wellbeing needs when your income does not meet your outgoings and you may also be responsible for looking after others.  Our helpdesk members have linked into a number of local agencies that are able to provide practical aid, such as food parcels, clothing and even sanitary ware.  If money management is an ongoing issue we are also able to point clients to a range of face-to-face or online options.