In addition to our IAPT Couple Counselling for Depression service we also work with clients experiencing relationship difficulties caused by adjusting to change throughout life.  Situations which put pressure on relationships typically include:

  • Families - children coming and going, parents and in-laws, ex-partners and step children all play a part in your current relationship and often require time and energy leaving you tired, misunderstood and emotionally divided.
  • Sex - stress in and outside the family can lead to physical and emotional problems which impact on a couple's intimate relationships
  • Money - usually cited as the one of the most likely causes for relationship problems. Whether it's arguments about who controls the purse strings or just plain lack of it, money issues usually can cause difficulties in most relationships.
  • Work - can be connected to money worries, but roles and pressures at work can often drift into lack of time and energy to invest in your relationships.
  • External relationships - close friends, colleagues, neighbours can be great sources of support, but also can also lead to conflicts of interest between you and your partner.

If you recognise some of these situations and feel that you and your partner have lost touch or are drifting apart, talking to a trained counsellor may just help you refocus on the things that are still important in your relationship.

“The purpose of counselling is not to know the answers or to tell you what to do.  The purpose is not to judge or criticise you or your relationship.  The purpose is to offer greater insight into your problems to help you understand the relationship and to help you communicate in that relationship.  Through that you can find the understanding of your partner and a solution to your current difficulties.

Graeme Orr, Relationship Counsellor, 2013