What are therapeutic group work and psycho-educational courses?

Both systems work use the knowledge and experience of a group of people working together, rather than working individually on a one to one basis with a single practitioner. Group therapy offers a support network and provides the opportunity to meet others experiencing and managing similar concerns to you.  Groups typically involve between six and 12 people and can last between one to two hours per session over a number of weeks.  They are facilitated by an experienced therapist who encourages participants to share their experiences and personal progress. 

Psycho-educational courses also involve group participation, but the facilitator usually takes a more directive approach to help members learn skills and techniques to help manage behaviours and emotions, such as anger (impacting on self and others), self-confidence and assertiveness.

Information shared in both settings is confidential to the group and it is important that you are able to commit to a specified number of sessions. We are reliant on funding and donations to keep our groups active and accessible to those who most need them.

Benefits of working with a group

  1. Quite often working in a group can help people identify their own behaviours better.  Listening to others can
     lead to the discovery that your feelings and behaviours are maybe not as unusual as you originally thought.
  2. Discussing emotional difficulties with a safe and caring group will provide you with useful feedback.  This may be from the facilitating therapist or practical tips from group members who have experienced similar difficulties themselves.
  3. Working with a group therapeutically not only offers feedback and advice, but is also an opportunity to support others.  Sharing and speaking to others who find themselves in a similar situations can help participants feel less isolated and more supported.

Therapy Groups within the 1point Network

Group Title Location Hosted by Further details
SAVS - Survivors of  Sexual Abuse The Bolton Hub, Bold St, Bolton Beacon Counselling [email protected]
Freedom Programme - a rolling 12 week group for women who want to understand more about domestic abuse

43 Bradford St, Bolton

Fortalice 01204 365677

Take a look at our 'What's Happening' page for details of current provision.