1point has a number of therapists who are specially trained to help people in relationships were one or both partners are experiencing depression or low mood.  This NHS funded IAPT therapy looks at the way depression affects you both and aims to help couples change the way they communicate and behave towards each other.

“The skill of my therapist to unpick deep rooted problems, helped me see a more positive and reachable future. I honestly don't think, as a couple, with this fantastic free service we would have stayed together.

IAPT Couple Counselling clients' feedback, June 2017

It is important that both partners are willing to work together in therapy and committed to attending up to 20 sessions.  The sessions offer an opportunity to learn new skills, such as different coping strategies and ways of communicating. Between sessions couples are encouraged to reflect together on what has been discussed and put into practice what they have learned.

Other outcomes a couple working through this type of therapy can expect are:

  • exploring and understanding difficult feelings and thoughts,
  • new ways to manage stress,
  • learning to accept the differences between the two of you and,
  • learning to tolerate aspects of your relationship that may be practically difficult to change.
“I think the whole experience of this therapy has been excellent from start to finish.  JP has been outstanding and helpful and has put us both on the road to a more fulfilling and healthy life together.

IAPT Couple Counselling clients' feedback, August 2017

If you are registered with a Bolton GP you can ask your doctor or other healthcare worker to refer to IAPT Couple Counselling for Depression at 1point through NHS's Single Point of Access (SPOA) service.  Alternatively you can contact SPOA directly on 01204 483101 and ask to be referred to 1point for an initial assessment appointment to assess whether this is the right treatment for you and your partner.

If you are interested in accessing couple counselling, but do not think that this model is appropriate for you and your partner, you may like to find out more about our Silverwellbeing Relationship Counselling approach.