Is this service for me?

Our individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions involve talking to a trained practitioner about how you feel about yourself and your situation.  The therapist will listen and help you explore your problem by considering how your personality and life experiences influence how you currently feel and cope with different situations and relationships.  This can lead to a new level of understanding which will help you manage change and deal with difficult situations in the future.

“I have found myself again and gained better relationships with friends and family.  It's taught me to listen to people more and I have more understanding of others.

1point client feedback, June 2018

If you are seeking counselling to help you cope with bereavement or loss click here for specialist support.

If you feel that your current low mood and feelings are impacting on your relationship with your partner, you may want to consider IAPT Couple Counselling for Depression and Anxiety or Relationship Counselling services to find out more.

What type of talking therapies do you offer?

The majority of therapists in the 1point network broadly offer a humanistic approach to their work.  This focuses on improving self-development, identifying personal strengths and making positive choices.  Our ethos is to make a distinction between mental illness and mental distress, which most of us experience when we live through situations which seem beyond our control.  Our therapists will usually receive training in a core theory and as they advance will integrate other approaches and ideas to their personal practice.  

“I have been helped through probably the darkest part of my life, and I am now the happiest I have ever been.

1point client, June 2018

Popular theories and approaches used within the 1point network are:

Person-centred Therapy focuses on an individual's self-worth and values by providing a non-judgemental, genuine and respectful attitude towards the client.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a more proactive approach which concentrates on how thoughts and behaviour are interlinked.  Long held beliefs are challenged and new skills are introduced during therapy to help minimise negative thinking patterns.

Existential Therapy provides a philosophical perspective to explore difficult life stages, rather than using specific techniques.

Solution-focused Brief Therapy concentrates on what an individual wants to achieve now rather than considering historical problems.

Transactional Analysis has it's roots in psychodynamic theories and believes that positive change can come about by identifying how individuals communicate.

How many sessions will I have with a counsellor?

This depends on the issues you want to discuss.  The average number of appointments is usually eight, but if required sessions can be extended. 

How do I access individual counselling with 1point?

Important note: If your GP or healthcare worker has recently recommended you contact an IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) service in Bolton, you should in the first instance call the NHS's Single Point of Access service on:

01204 483101

1point works in partnership with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH), to help increase access to talking therapies in Bolton.  You can request to be referred to 1point if you choose at this stage.  When we receive your details from GMMH we'll get in contact with you to arrange an assessment appointment,if appropriate.

If you wish to access a Silverwellbeing service directly, please go to our contact page.

What will is cost me?

IAPT clients referred to 1point from GMMH's Single Point of Access are funded by the NHS.  Silverwellbeing Counselling services are funded by Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group - this currently covers bereavement/loss and couple counselling.  A high percentage of this work is carried out by our member agencies, who are registered charities.  There are no charges for their counselling services, but they do appreciate donations to maintain facilities and support their staff.

Fees are directly payable to private practitioners who provide their own services at Silverwell House.