The John Dean room is a large comfortable and quiet therapy room containing three therapy chairs and a large desk with office chair.  Although it is primarily used for one-to-one or couple counselling sessions, it could easily accommodate a small group of up to six people.

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This room is named after John Dean JP (1794 - 1851) who lived at Silverwell from about 1835 until his death there in 1851.  Dean initially appears to have shared the house with other members of his family who were responsible for owning and building cotton mills including St Helena Mill, thought to be the oldest in Bolton.  In local archives he is listed as a cotton manufacturer, but John Dean is better known for being an influential member of Non-Conformist and Liberal groups which dominated Bolton politics at the time. Liberal leaders of the town held frequent meetings at Silverwell House to plan the Incorporation of Bolton, which was signed by Queen Victoria in 1838.  His name occurs repeatedly in the press as Chairman of these meetings and the Bolton Reform Association.

Memorial card celebrating the life of Charles Darbishire, Dean's colleague,  a frequent visitor to Silverwell House and Bolton's first Mayor.

Although John Dean was busy entertaining his liberal colleagues at Silverwell in 1837 and it is recorded that he lived at the house for a further 14 years, this newspaper advertisement from October 1837 suggests that at this time he was finding it financially difficult to maintain the whole property. This snippet gives a tantalising glimpse into the former grandeur of Silverwell House. 

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