The Silverwellbeing helpdesk is a friendly people focused scheme run by volunteers with the aim of providing useful information, advice and guidance to our new and existing clients.  Members of the team complement the work of our therapy and administration staff.  They do this by having access to a wide range of information to share with clients and visitors who would benefit from additional practical support to help with any current difficulties.

The service was developed as a result of receiving feedback from people who were accessing psychological support whilst dealing with practical problems that potentially impacted on their therapeutic progress.

“Our helpdesk team at Silverwell can talk about any practical issues that may currently concern you.  We don't have magic wands, but access to a telephone, the web, a kettle, a biscuit tin and a willingness to point you towards useful support.

Who can access the helpdesk?

The service was primarily designed for people accessing 1point network services from their first contact with us, through to completing their therapy and possibly beyond.  We are also happy to talk to families and friends of our clients who often come to the centre with them about other services or are looking for some practical information or advice for their own needs.

“If someone has suggested that a talking therapy might help you and you're not sure, come and have a chat with a Help desk team member and we'll let you know what it is and whether there are other services that may help too.

How to get in touch with the helpdesk

If you have a pre-arranged appointment with a 1point therapist at Silverwell House you (and anyone who attends with you), can request to see a helpdesk team member on site during your visit. 

We do not encourage drop-in visits because of the nature of our main services, but you can contact us via [email protected] or telephone us on 01204 917732, where you can leave a confidential message if no-one is available.  We aim to respond within five working days.

Please remember this is not an emergency or crisis service.  If you or someone close to you requires urgent support click here to get further information.

Important information about data protection and confidentiality

Many helpdesk users are first aware of this service when introduced to it by their 1point network therapist.  However, it is important to state that the Silverwellbeing helpdesk service is completely separate to any past, current or future psychological therapy work undertaken by 1point.  Helpdesk team members do not have access to confidential records or details about any client accessing any 1point delivered therapy service.

It is our intention to carefully monitor this scheme and it is possible that you may be asked if you would like to be contacted in the future to take part in research projects or hear more about 1point services.  There is no obligation to agree to this, but if you wish to be on our database for future contact your personal details will be kept in accordance with Data Protection regulations.

The Silverwellbeing helpdesk is a basic signposting service run by members of our community who believe that sharing knowledge and useful information in a courteous and friendly way, helps our friends, families, colleagues, clients, neighbours and communities become stronger and supportive of each other.

“The Silverwellbeing helpdesk team are not experts, advocates, mentors, therapists or befrienders, but just an ordinary, friendly and caring bunch of people who want to help others find practical ways of helping themselves. 

Would you like to volunteer for the Silverwellbeing helpdesk team? Click here for more details.

The Silverwellbeing Helpdesk is an independent project that is reliant on funding to cover volunteer costs, training and administration resources.  We welcome donations to help us keep this valuable link to practical help and guidance in the community open.