This light and airy self-contained community room easily accommodates up to 12 people for training and meeting events.  There is space to place chairs in a circle or horse shoe format, as well as making use of three tables which can be placed separately or combined to make one large board table.  The room contains refreshment facilities, TV and laptop for presentations, white board and flip chart.  A projector is also available if needed.

If you would like to use this room or arrange a visit email us on [email protected] 

The Garden Room is a reminder of the small parkland with sweeping drive, vegetable plots, formal gardens and water wells that was part of John Pilkington's property when he built Silverwell House in 1790.  Although we are left with two tiny patches of greenery outside the building, 19th century maps of Bolton town centre show that Silverwell's original garden would have stretched to the Parish Church to the east and Breightmet Street to the south.

From only one of two photographs of the garden taken during the 1870s (below), we think that the site of our 'garden' room is where greenhouses and sheds would have stood (to the right of the photograph behind the tree). 

Silverwell House in the 1870's, possibly depicting Dr George Mallett and his gardener.  Courtesy of Bolton Archive Library.

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