The Beacon room is a lovely small and cosy room full of sparkling lights!  Despite its size it comfortably seats two people.

This room recognises the work of our colleagues at Beacon Bolton Counselling services.  For many years this local charity would take over Silverwell House in the evenings and weekends, when the building switched from its daytime role as Bolton Council's Housing and Homeless office into a safe haven for many hundreds of local people accessing free counselling services.  Beacon is one of the oldest counselling charities in Bolton and a founder member of the 1point network.  It is now sited at The Hub in Bold Street, Bolton and still plays a major contribution in offering remedial counselling for clients coming through the 1point network.

Bolton Council Leader, Cllr. Linda Thomas, officially opens Beacon's new offices at The Bolton Hub, 2017

If you would like to know more about the history of our building click here for further details.